All you will need is a computer/laptop with a web browser and internet access. You then need to access the Shakedwn website, where you can take part in Shaker Libre for free, or you can join Shakers Club to access the full experience.

No, Shakedwn is specially designed to be performed by just standing up from your seat, wearing your normal clothes. Nothing else is needed.

When you sign up for Shakers Club, you will enter your admin page where you will be presented with your own private link, which you can distribute to your colleagues. This can be done by entering their email addresses into the page, which will send them a welcome email. Alternatively, you can copy the link and email it out to colleagues yourself.

There are four videos in total, which consist of the free video, plus three additional themed videos, including yoga, boxing, and 'the gym'. A different video is shown each week, for the whole week. After four weeks, you would have gone through all of the videos, and will return back to the first. The sequence then starts again.

No, each video consists of a set of individual moves which are selected at random each day, so each day it should be slightly different. However, as the selection is random, there may be some days that are the same.

You will repeat the same 4 videos each month. We've found that this gives people enough time to learn the moves, as well as keep it fresh. We are working hard to film more videos and will be adding these in due course.

They don't choose which video they will they view on a particular day. The idea is that everyone gets to Shakedwn together, so everyone would see the same videos, at the same time.

You can’t all watch separate videos, the videos are displayed are on a cycle, again, to keep everyone together and exercise as a team, and keep it fun.

Please ask your IT department to email us, and we will work with them to give you unrestricted access.

If you have any questions which are not covered here, please drop us a line.