Shakedwn is five minutes of stretches and movements done right from your desk, every afternoon. It’s the quickest and easiest way to improve the health and well-being of your office. The routines take place at 3.30pm every day, and they are specially designed to allow everyone to take part. You don’t require any equipment, and all exercises are perfect to do in your office wear. Join Now.
Shakers Club

Join our club to enjoy the full Shakedwn experience. You will gain access to a total of four separate shake routines, which rotate every week. This is great to keep it interesting and get everyone in your office involved.

In addition, each exercise will be demonstrated from the front and side simultaneously, to make it even easier to follow..

You will be issued with your own private link for everyone to gain access. You just need one account for your group. Join Now.
Shaker Libre

Or to try for free, simply click here to take part in our free daily Shakedwn at 3.30pm every afternoon.